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Wattpad eBook Reader is an app that lets its users download and read millions of books on their iPhones and iPads (the latter would probably be best for reading).

The app comes with a library of over 10 million free books. Some of the best science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance and thriller books can be found on its virtual bookshelves. The Hunger Games, Short Stories by Paulo Coelho, or the complete works of Margaret Atwood, are just some of the books you'll be able to download.

The app lets you read your books without an internet connection, as well as configure its reading options from among many different options available, such as the font and other parameters.

The best part of it all is that you can synchronize your devices with your Wattpad account so you can read your books on your iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or even the website itself. In other words, you can use your own user account as a bookmark.

Wattpad eBook Reader is a very interesting application for anyone who's a fan of reading, as you'll be able to enjoy millions of books (some of them best-sellers) for free, at any time and in any place.
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